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Hey Howdy Fellow Interweb Traveler! Welcome To My Music Stand in the Electronic Marketplace! I've provided a simple way to exchange energy here on this page! You may freely download from my 56 albums I've created over the past 12 years of my life and in return you may freely donate an equally proportionate amount of monetary funding in exchange for the music you've downloaded! I trust you will be Karmically fair in your donation and keep in mind that this is how I make a living and feed myself and my family! I'm not here to monitor what you take and what you give, so please govern yourself and allow yourself to fully enjoy all the fruits of my labor (and share some of your friut with me as well)! Thank You! We Love You!!! -Chris Adams ^*^

If you do not have monetary means of exchange currently, please email me to discuss alternative trading options!

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56. Everlasting Life Ep: 2011:

55. True Noises Now: 2011:

54. Synchronicity Sampler: 2008-2010:

53. Cinort Cele 2 : 2010:

52. Cinort Cele 1: 2010:

51. Ancient Eternity: 2010:

50. Only Now Will Last Forever 2: 2010:

49. Only Now Will Last Forever 1: 2010: And now we are love An AHEE ILOTEN Concept (A HUMAN EXPRESSING EXPERIENCE INFINITE LOVE OF THE ETERNAL NOW)

48. 7 Days Of Sound: 2010: 7 songs created in 7 days where the sounds of the song were recorded during the daytime and then composed at night

47. Love Is The Light: 2010: Let your love light shine An AHEE ILOTEN Concept (A HUMAN EXPRESSING EXPERIENCE INFINITE LOVE OF THE ETERNAL NOW)

46. 4 Songs 1 Night Ep: 2010:

45. Cosmic Dance 2 Ep: 2010:

44. Love Yourself: 2009: Like lemons i give my heart away but still i drink my own lemonade The Last Album Created As AHEE

43. Musical Moments: 2009: Every sound is here to tell you about yourself Concept Album Where Every Song Is Created From A Single Moment

42. The Every Entire Experience: 2009: Its been us all Along Cute Sound Pop Songs

41. New Waves Ep: 2009: New moods, new tunes 4 Tunes Created While Moving Houses

40. Like The Sun We Are One: 2009: See how we are one Spiritual Psychedelic Sounds Inspired By A Vision Of A Light-Being Who We Are

39. Rainbow Love: 2009: Yes we are here to gather in love, Like A Rainbow Created From Recordings Gathered At The 2009 Rainbow Gathering In New Mexico, Thanks Rainbow Family!

38. The Ancient Now: 2009: WeÕve been here forever , Remember? Hypnotic Repetitive Nature Soundscapes

37. Help My Friends Hear What I Hear: 2009: Hear What Is Here, IÕm only telling you your beautiful Sounds Recorded With Friends

36. What I Am: 2009: Its Ok, We Are What We Are, Love It With All Your Heart An Album Inspired By Sufi Poets

35. Forever Now We Are: 2009: Eternity is inevitable Collages Of Sound Beats That Are Absolutely Unique

34. Welcome To Sound Heaven 2: 2008-2009: Welcome Home My Loves A Double Album Consisting Of The Side Projects Going On While Creating LOVE EVERY ATOM

33. Welcome To Sound Heaven 1: 2008-2009: We are in many dimensions at once. Why do I write this? We are here now. Look Around You. Listen. We speak softly. Who did Horton hear? Created during my 3rd year of CalArts.

32. Put Me In Your Mouth

31. Cosmic Dance Single

30. Love Every Atom: 2008-2009: Look Around You Listen To This Album Created To Celebrate The Love Of Creating

29. Time Canons: 2008: With my choice of free will I have been lead to experiment with the concept of Time Canons, layering a single moment in time over itself with a slight alteration in time and pitch to each new layer

28. Summer Love 2: 2008: CD2: 17 Tracks 65mins-Shout it from the Mountain tops: WE ARE ALL ONE! A Double Album Consisting of 40 Tracks Created In A Closet By LAX Airport Using Samples Gathered In Differing Regions Of Chile

27. Summer Love 1: 2008: CD1: 21 Tracks 60 mins-his is a collection of 38 tracks on 2 CDs created during the Summer of 2008 while I lived 3 blocks away from LAX. Surrender I did to the flow of creation I was not aware of the large majority of this output. I am 21 years old here.

26. Musical Shortz

25. Synchronicity Symphony: 2007-2008: 4 Tracks 59.2 mins- This is an hour long work divided into 4 movements, which I experienced during my 2nd Year at CalArts. It recounts my spiritual journey of suffering and acceptance, a real learning experience of how I perceive this world that we live in. I am 20 years old here.

24. I Am You As Me My Friend: 2007-2008: 12 Tracks 50.2 mins -What is it I am attempting to express and share with you? Do I have a message? Am I expressive of my message for any other? Who Am I? My Friend we Are One together, Let us reflect each other so we may see our complex beauty in its simplest form, love A Very Complex Album

23. Guitar Dreams: 2007: The Ancient Secrets Of Modern Texas Song On Guitars By Warren Huctcheson, John Bogart, Chris Adams & Danny Witte

22. Moonshine Herb: 2006-2007: The Ancient Secrets Of Modern Texas with Danny Witte, Warren Hucheson, Chris Adams, John Bogart, Nicky Albanesi, Ryan Sullivan, & Katy Billups

21. Musical Cactus: 2006-2007: 5 Tracks 16.4mins -Five improvisations on an amplified cactus with a custom built contact microphone The different spine legnths have unique pitches that allow the cactus to be played melodicly and percussively

20. We Are The World: 2007-2008: 16 Tracks 48.9 mins -Alas everything we have ever know to be around us is in fact a part of who we are A 16 track CD expressive of the eternal duality that represents Oneness and the equality of good and evil as roles in our adventure through life. Created In Joy Of The Love Of The Sounds Around Us

19. Smoke Catnip For Justice: 2007: 3 Tracks Hysterically Co-Created By John Knott & Chris Adams

18. I Love Music 2: 2006-2007: CD B: 20 Tracks 65 mins -Here it is, a love of itself A Double Album Consisting Of All The Side Projects Going On While THIS IS FOR US Was Being Created

17. I Love Music 1: 2006-2007: CD A: 20 Tracks 49.7 mins -Here it is, a love of itself A Double Album Consisting Of All The Side Projects Going On While THIS IS FOR US Was Being Created

16. This Is For Us: 2006-2007: 9 Tracks 75 mins -I worked on this album my 1st year at Calarts and the summer before. This is when I experienced that life itself is a journey that unfolds in its own chapters. I Want to cry its so beautiful, how can this be music? Is it not from some celestial essence far beyond our human reach, No, its here to show us our own beauty, it is us, for us to see ourselves clearly.

15. Our Heart: 2006: 11 Tracks 49.3 mins -This was Senior High School Album dedicated to Teryn Loebs who taught me my first love I am 18 years old here.

14. D.A.T.A. Sessions: 2005-2006: The Last Album as Death Acquired Through Audio

13. Heart Work: 2005-2006: 12 Tracks 50.4 mins -The Summer Before Senior Year of High School is when I first began using samples from my life collaged together to create music. This is the Album that i gave to CalArts as my portfolio. I am 17 years old here.

12. Early Acid

11. Cycle

10. Be Amazed At The Walls

9. The Process

8. Dolls & Machines

7. Change

6. T.M.P.R. Tracks

5. Kill E

4. Spicy Sand

3. Taco Fever

2. Stuff & Junk

1. Chris Adams CD ONE

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